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Mr Anything finally discovered a method to add a counter for this silly journal.

Blog Counter by Branica

Branica Counters 

is the number of times people have wasted their precious time reading trash instead of doing something more meaningful. 

Shame on you...
Well, at least you are not surfing for porn... Thanks for reading! (^-^) v
A group of trainees happen to get caught smoking in the training compound today...

"A bunch of bloody monkeys and brainless morons", the high and mighty Mr Anything would say...

Do they deserve to get reprimanded? Of course they do...
Do they deserve to get punished? Of course they do...
Do they deserve to be called bloody monkeys and brainless morons? Of course they.... do??

Suddenly Mr Anything is not so sure...

Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, so does Mr Anything. Mr Anything plays facebook, surf the net for personal matters at work all the time. Thats an offence too.

"I'm just surfing the net for my home renovation and playing little games on facebook. What's the big deal? Its just a small offence...", Mr Anything argues.

But is there such thing as a lesser offence? Mr Anything knows its wrong and still does it. How much of a saint is he to deserve the right to to call smokers who got caught brainless morons and bloody monkeys? An offence is an offence, be it smoking or facebooking... We all know its wrong and we all took the chance... How is Mr Anything different from a bloody monkey???

Dear Trainers, Dear Admistrators,

Reprimanding them is your job, punishing them is your job, degrading them is not. Its just an ugly way to make yourself feel like a superior being and and an artificial way to enhance your self-worth.

Nobody is perfect, so don't act as if you are...

Mr Anything repents....

The power of phrasing...

Mr Anything was going through today's headlines and came across this headliner under the chinese paper.

"Two-third of the local civil servants are satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey"

Sounds positive isn't it.

But what if its written as

"One-third of the local civil servants are unsatisfied with their jobs, according to a survey" or
"Only two-third of the local civil servants are satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey"

All mean the same results but the phrasing paints a conflicting picture.

Is Mr Anything one-third or two?

A church? A business?

Jan 18, 2010

City Harvest's expansion plan

Large complex in 'central south' district will also house shops, restaurants

By Yen Feng


CITY Harvest Church has announced a $310 million expansion plan to buy land, and to erect a building that will house shops, restaurants and a 12,000-seat auditorium.

Founder Kong Hee, 45, said during church services yesterday and last Saturday that the land sale would be completed later this month. He did not specify the location, but said the site would be in the 'central south' district.

He described the site as 'super large'. It is believed the site covers an area as large as three football fields - six times the size of the Protestant church's current home in Jurong West Street 91, which it owns.

'This is truly amazing,' Dr Kong said yesterday at the Singapore Expo, where it has been renting a hall for services. 'Finally, we will have a church in the marketplace, for the marketplace, to penetrate the marketplace.'

The church's plans to incorporate retail elements into its building project follow similar plans announced in 2007 by New Creation Church, another large Christian group in Singapore.

New Creation has teamed up with mall developer CapitaLand Retail to build an 'integrated hub' at Buona Vista. The $1 billion project, when ready in 2012, will house shops, a concert hall and a theatre.

<Personal Opinion>
Mr Anything wonders... Church also can get so much money... T T Durai, Ming Yi, is this the next one... lets hope not...
Well at least a retail area will help boost the economy...

Don't sleep around... really...

Mr Anything is currently doing space planning for his new hideout. Of course, nothing is ever easy. His whole life may be in jeopardy as furniture placed wrongly in the universe of "feng shui" means big business.

And the furniture most important in Mr Anything's world is of course his bed.

The saying goes, "The bed must never face the door, whatever door it might be. Bedroom door, toilet door, walk-in wardrobe door etc etc."

Diving through the Renotalk forum lays one comment that finally shares light on all seriousness of why your bed should not be placed in-line with your door. It goes (Mr Anything quotes forumer "rl_ry"),

"I got a lesson from my FSM on this topic. He got a simple explanation to it. He says in older days, many ppl stays in a house. If the bed is facing the door, whoever too soundly asleep sleep until leg spread wide wide mouth open big big, other family members see liao not nice."

Take a serious note. Your reputation is at stake...

Not really a MJ fan but his MTVs are still as entertaining as ever...

Dress Code for Dylan 1st Birthday

Apologies that Mr Anything will not be able to attend...

For the others, Mr Anything will help to relay the dress code for Dylan's first Mickey Mouse Theme party...

Have fun guys...

The Ang Pow Calculation Table

Everyone seems to be attending a lot of wedding lately.

Seriously not hinting anything...